What If You Could Start a Social Media Business With Support At Every Step Of The Way?

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Can I Be Real With You?

That sick-to-your-stomach with stress feeling has got to stop.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

You pour yourself into learning more and more about social media strategies and what works on different platforms so you can stop feeling like a fraud and charge what you're worth.

And at first, it seems like everything is going great!

You’re learning lots of new things and getting great results for people.

But then you go to pitch… And those insecurities creep in. Or the prospect asks why you're more expensive that other people.

And you're back to feeling like a fraud. Wondering how to get high paying clients.

Wondering if it's possible to live the dream of being your own boss and having a dream lifestyle.

And you start thinking to yourself:

Is this even worth it?

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

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It's Time To Kiss The Stress Goodbye

Because honestly? There's a much better way of running your business.

One that doesn't require you to
  • Feel Like A Fraud

    Trapped in imposter syndrome and spinning your wheels finding clients. You run around trying to work how to do everything from blogging to newsletters, to prove your worth. (Spoiler: You Know Enough!)

  • Charge Next To Nothing

    You charge nothing (or next to nothing) to get clients. You hear of people charging more, but how do you do that? You work endless hours and start to wonder if it's all worth it.

  • Cold Call Prospects

    How the heck do you find clients, anyway? And do you have to learn some sleazy sales speak? Or maybe you’ve been avoiding getting clients, because you’re terrified of not coping, or not getting them great results.

The fact Is you’re too good to be wasting your time riding this merry go ‘round

If you’re ready to get serious about having a business that brings in good money and allows you family time, then you have to break the cycle and find proven strategies that work.

One that brings you customers you LOVE to work with and who are willing to invest.

Good thing I’ve got what you’re lookin’ for!

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Hey, I'm Cate

and I'm here to help you create a successful social media business !

I'm the founder of Sane Social Media and The Social Spark, and I'm here to help you move out of the “hope and pray” business model and into predictable success mode.

I started my social media business the hard way. Never feeling expert enough, confused because so many people told me different things and stressed from losing clients.

I reached my own “F THIS” moment a few years back, and since then I’ve created a business that gives predictable income…

No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No sleazy sales speak!

It works for me, and it works for other people too.

Cate, sitting on a wall

Here's a Few Reasons It Works So Well

  • You don't just get training, you get SUPPORT. Two live groups sessions each month to answer any questions and keep you focused and motivated

  • You get COMMUNITY. There is nothing like going through something with other, like-minded people who also give you support

  • We make it simple and easy with cheat sheets and done-for-you templates.

    And the best part is, I'm with you every step of the way

  • These systems work. I hear over and over again that they make life easy and create success without overwhelm or stress

  • You get the exact strategies I use in my business, as well as all the templates and cheat sheets so you can FAST TRACK your success. Say 'so long' to years of frustration trying to figure this out yourself and 'hello' to quick and easy!

The Social Spark

Do you ever wish that someone would just tell you exactly what’s working for them in their business (without you having to spend years trying to figure it all out)?

That’s exactly why I created the Social Spark.

I'm handing over my business systems, strategy and framework so you can get the same results, without the stress.

No theory. No fluff. Just actual processes, systems and insights from my time in the trenches.

If you’re someone who is sick of being stuck in your business and are finally ready to work with CUSTOMERS who have skin in the game, want to work with you and pay for higher-priced offers … this is for you!

Here's What You Get...

SUPPORT To Build Your Own Social Media Business

1. Regular live coaching and strategy sessions.

Ask business questions, "how do I get results for clients" questions, or even mindset questions. This is like a coach/consultant on tap!


2. Beautiful Business Launch

Your simple action plan to get your business up and running, beautifully!

No overwhelm. No fluff. And no theory.

Take your business from idea to up and running, fast! Whilst also ensuring you have all the essentials in place, and nothing you DON't need!

Nail your pricing and packages and know how to attract clients to your business who are eager to buy


3. Social Pro Bootcamp

Give yourself the professional edge that allows you to get HIGH PAYING clients, easily!

I give you all the templates I use from proposals to onboarding. Client-getting templates, client management templates and the proposal template that converts 9 out of 10 prospects!

Plus, my non-salesy sales strategy that anyone can use to bring in clients!

4. Create a Kick*ss Strategy

How to create an incredibly valuable social media strategy that:

  • positions you as an authority in your field,
  • provides valuable, business-building information to clients and potential clients, AND
  • allows you to charge hundreds of dollars to learn about potential clients.

    Plus, how to use a strategy to get higher-paying clients!


    5. Get a Client Bootcamp

    Got 20 minutes a day? You can use that to build a highly profitable client-getting MACHINE.

    Grow your social media business with simple, low-cost and no-cost strategies that anyone can roll out.

    Create the financial freedom you deserve!

    These are the exact strategies I've used to scale to consistent $10k months in my business, and I still use today!


    6. How to Run a Social Media Business Without Going Crazy

    This is the key to running a social media business successfully! I share:

  • how to manage your time effectively, including how to take a holiday,
  • how mindset is the key to success,
  • how to stop spinning your wheels and start taking action!
  • And I'm Throwing In These Powerful Bonuses, Too!

    I want to be sure you get your profitable business working as soon as possible, which is why I’m handing over these supercharged shortcuts to make it even easier.

    Bonus 1 ($97 Value)

    Masterclass: How to Grow Your Business When You're Just Starting Out

    Strategies that work for established businesses don't always work so well for new businesses. I share the most effective way to get clients when you're starting out.

    Bonus 2 ($147 Value)

    Loads of timesaving cheat sheets and templates, including:

    1. Places to Find Social Media Gigs That Pay Well

    2. Questions to Ask in a Discover Session

    3. How to Generate Warm Leads

    4. Business Checklist

    5. LinkedIn Funnel and scripts

    6. Sample "Value Bomb" posts, and more

    Bonus 3 ($147 Value)

    How to create crazy-good content for social media, fast.

    Great Content Isn't About Pretty Pictures, It's About Creating Engagement!

    Because the more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to buy from you! What if, for ever ten new page likes you had TWO new customers? I share frameworks and strategies to make this simple, easy and quick!

    Bonus 4 ($147 value)

    Lead Generation Bootcamp: More ways to get clients!

    Four addition, powerful ways of getting clients - all low cost or no cost!

    This bootcamp includes a system for generating business on LinkedIn, and includes a LinkedIn funnel and scripts. Using this system, I brought in up to 12 sales calls a week - priceless!

    Bonus 5 ($297 Value)

    Exclusive Facebook Community

    How many times have you bought a program only to find out you’ll have to figure it all out on your own?

    If you’re like most people, then probably a lot!

    The biggest value I have is “no question left unanswered”. So, when you join today you’ll also get access to our ultra exclusive Facebook group - EXCLUSIVE to clients who invest in The Social Spark.

    And to make it even better, I also go live in the group twice each month to give expert feedback when it comes to succeeding within this industry.

    You’ll get instant access when you join right now.

    Here's what's waiting for you on the inside:

    ✅ Regular live coaching, consulting and support (Value $1,700)

    ✅ Beautiful Business Launch, Social Pro and Kick*ss Strategy (Value $391)

    ✅ Get a Client Bootcamp, Content Creation and How to Run a Social Media Business (Value $491)

    ✅ Bonus 1: Masterclass (Value $97)

    ✅ Bonus 2: Cheat Sheets(Value $147)

    ✅ Bonus 3: Crazy-Good Content Creation (Value $147)

    ✅ Bonus 4: Lead Generation Bootcamp(Value $147)

    ✅ Bonus 5: Exclusive Facebook Group (Value $297)

    ✅ Bonus 6: Private Podcast (Value $297)

    Total Value = $3,714
    Normally = $247 a month

    Yours Today For Just: $97 a month

    Ready to kiss the business overwhelm goodbye and build a business that works for you?

    Bonus 6 ($297 Value)

    Private Podcast

    How often do you INTEND to watch a repeat of a live session you've missed, but never quite get around to it?>

    If you’re like me, you even end up beating yourself up about it!

    Don't worry, I've got your back. Every live group coaching session is available as a recording, AND as a private podcast.

    This private podcast is available exclusively to members of the Social Spark!

    Still Wondering If This Is Right For You?

    Here's what people say ...

    I can really do this!

    Phyllicia Jarrett-Pollard

    Honestly my biggest breakthrough with the course is that I can really do this. After years of self-doubt and overthinking, early on into the course Cate has made everything seem less scary and very doable. One takeaway is having a short intro ready as to who I am. What I can do for you and a couple SMM tips when presenting myself.

    I'm loving it!

    Bree Evans-Yeanoplos

    I am just finishing up your Social Media Biz Bootcamp and absolutely loving it!

    As you speak in the sessions it simplifies a lot of things

    Tapiwa Zoey

    My thought process on registering my business is clearer, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together with a solid foundation to formalise my business. As you speak in the sessions it simplifies a lot of things .. why not to bill per hour ..creating a luxury brand ... the list goes on

    Clarity andstructure

    Will McClure

    Thank you so much again, Cate. In just a few weeks I've gone from pulling my hair out to seeing that there really is a structured road ahead. And that literally is because of your advice and courses. 🙂

    Highly recommended

    Sophia Karmel-Marr

    In 15 minutes with Cate I learned more than I have in the past 8 weeks of taking social media courses by well known influencers. I highly recommend her to anyone starting their business or already in business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What time are the live sessions?

      Call times may change, depending on the preferences of the group. We'll ask YOU what works!

      We'll kick off with calls at 10 am Sydney time on Tuesdays. In the US, this time translates to Mondays 3pm PST or 6pm EST.

      Use worldtimebuddy.com to convert the time to your timezone :)

    • Can't I just watch YouTube videos and learn this stuff?

      Maybe. But chances are you'll spend a lot of hours learning and even longer implementing unproven methods and frameworks.

      To be honest, you won't find this stuff on YouTube.

      I learned a these strategies through paying tens of thousands of dollars to experts.

    • Is this really techy?

      No. There's no technical knowledge required. You may be introduced to new tools but they will be simple!

    • How is this different to other courses?

      I share the exact strategies I would use if I was starting my social media agency all over again.

      I have over 6 years experience in this industry and I know how to get you started quickly and easily.

      I share simple steps anyone can take to get business up and running and ready to help clients.

      Plus, you get ongoing support directly from me.

    • Is the content immediately available?

      Yes! You have instant access to all the programs. The live training components will start in January and there will be two a month, at 10 am Sydney Daylight savings time (6 pm EST, 3pm PST).

      All live sessions will be recorded and you'll have access to the recordings as well as a PRIVATE PODCAST of the recordings. This is available only to members of the Social Spark!

    • What exactly do I get when I sign up?

      You get access to all the training, and a ROADMAP to guide.

      I don't want you overwhelmed, so you'll get a roadmap that tells you what order to do things in, and gives a suggested timeframe to work through the program!

      Coaching sessions start in January 2022.

      We will also create a Facebook group just for participants!

    Your Social Media Business System Is Waiting!

    What would it feel like to know you have a flexible business that brings in great income and works around your family, so you truly have that lifestyle business you want?

    What would it feel like to know how to bring in new, high-paying clients whenever you need to, without stress or overwhelm?

    What would it feel like to stop feeling like a fraud and know that you're great at what you do, and know how this industry works?

    Pretty darn good, if you ask me.

    I’m so excited to share this with you, and help you create your successful social media business — because I know firsthand what a game-changer this can be can be.

    It’s time to kiss the old way of doing things goodbye and FINALLY get the strategies and systems that help you hit those goals that have been sitting on your vision board for far too long.

    Ready? Let’s go!