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What If You Could Bring in High Paying Clients With Ease?

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There are 3 Main Hurdles that Keep People from Getting High Paying Clients

Which one is keeping you stuck?

  • You're Competing On Price

    You're scared to raise your rates because you see so many people charging similar amounts or less. Or the only way to convert leads is to reduce your rates.

  • You're Sending Proposals

    You're sending proposals and hearing nothing back. Or worse, when you hear back you're told that they chose someone cheaper

  • You Don't Have a Kick-Ass Proposal

    Your proposal doesn't demonstrate the true VALUE you bring to the project, so you're unable to get people to pay higher prices.

I Hear It All The Time ...

I meet a ton of passionate social media managers who are pulling their hair out because they can't get high paying clients.

 They’re either…

1.  Listening to people who tell them they've found someone else offering the same services cheaper 


2. Are scared to raise their rates and the fear of failure is keeping them procrastinating for months (cough… years).

I'm Cate and I'm here to help you land high paying clients!

Before you roll your eyes and tell me it's not possible, stick with me a minute.

I've been where you are. I know what it's like to send proposals and hear nothing back.

I know how hard it is to KNOW I'm worth more, but still be driving down my rates because I need the clients.

And I know what it's like to have plenty of clients who aren't paying enough, so I'm working all the hours available.

So I never see my family and I'm constantly exhausted.

It's enough to make you wonder if it's all worth it.

But then I learned a simple system for converting leads into higher paying clients.

I learned it from one of Australia's best sales people, and it works.

It works like a charm and there's nothing salesy or slimey about it.

So now I hear things like, "You're more expensive than anyone I've else but no one else has a proposal like this"

Or, "You're more expensive than the others but I can see the value you bring. I really want to work with you"

Or even, "Wow. I can see you know your stuff and bring great value. I hope I can afford you!"

It works so well I shared it with other people, and it works for them so I know it can work for you too.

No more competing on price. No more undervaluing your services.

Just a simple colour-by-numbers system that helps you land higher paying clients, easily.

Welcome to Social Pro Bootcamp

The system for converting leads into high-paying clients.

Stop competing on price and start hearing "You're more expensive than the others, but you bring better value to my business!"

Here's what's included:
  • How to Create a High-Converting Proposal

  • The Simple Sales Process to Get Higher Paying Clients

  • Onboarding Easily and Elegantly

You Also Get These Bonuses!

  • Proposal Template

    The proposal template that lands 9 out of 10 clients. The first person I shared this with landed a new client: 6 months at $4k a month

  • Welcome Email Tempalte

    Onboarding made easy - swipe and deploy my Welcome Email.

  • Reporting Email

    The key to retaining clients is to keep them up to date, so you also get my reporting email template

  • Support Agreement (Contract)

    I call it a support agreement, but others call it a contract. Whatever you call it, you get this template too

  • Resources

    My recommended resources, grouped according to need so you can get what you need as your business grows

  • Business Success Toolkit

    My Business Success Toolkit that shows you how to build a successful social media business

What People Say...

Closed a contract for $4k / Month

Cara Jones, Texas, USA

"I did use your ideas on a proposal today -> closed a 6 month contract for $4k/month"

Such great training!

Jessica W, Houston texas

That was such a great training! I love how you explained the psychology behind the titles and pricing! I enjoyed the video that walks through the entire template and how the training is quick and straight to the point!"

Will McClure

Thank you so much again, Cate. In just a few weeks I've gone from pulling my hair out to seeing that there really is a structured road ahead. And that literally is because of your advice and courses. 🙂

What's Inside Social Pro Bootcamp

1. How to Create a High Converting Proposal (Value $97)

2. The Simple Sales Process to Get Higher Paying Clients (Value $97)

3. Onboarding Easily and Elegantly ($97)

It also includes the following BONUSES:

1. Proposal Template that Converts 9 out of 10 Leads (Value $47)

2. Welcome Email Template (Value $27)

3. Reporting Template (Value $27)

4. Support Agreement - aka Contract (Value $47)

5. Resources Grouped by Need (Value $17)

6. Business Success Toolkit: How to Build a Successful Social Media Business (Value $17)

Total Value = $473

Today's Price = $197

(Australian Dollars)


  • Can't I just watch YouTube videos and learn this stuff?

    Maybe. But chances are you'll spend a lot of hours learning and even longer implementing unproven methods and frameworks.

  • How is this different to other courses?

    I share the exact strategies I use in my social media agency to land high paying clients. I have over 6 years experience and have had regularly $10k months for over 18 months. These are simple steps anyone can use to bring in higher paying clients simply and easily.

  • Is the content immediately available?

    Yes. And you'll have lifetime access. So whether you choose to binge-watch the videos and take action immediately, or take it one step at a time, we'll be here to support you.

  • What type of business does this work for?

    These strategies work for all types of social media business. We've used them - and get great results - and so have our students. They're simple enough for anyone to use.