These are the exact strategies we use to grow client accounts!

Imagine having your social media content seen thousands of time each week, even if you only have a few page likes.

It's not only possible, it's achievable with simple strategies. I know because I do this every week for my clients!

And I'm going to share the same strategies with you in this course. We'll cover what to post, how often to post and how to grow your audience.

You'll receive simple, easy strategies that demystify social media so you can start attracting your audience straight away. And you'll never have to wonder what to post again!

What People Say...

Pearl D

I find your free masterclass surprising. Most of it I've heard from paid courses, yours however, you gave for free. it's very generous of you.

Krystle Henhak Virtual Assistant

Newly entering into Social media for a business, as opposed to just uploading photos of my coffee was a whole new world for me (and language)! I had been introduced to Cate and turned to her with my 64 questions and the way she was able to explain the processes to me has made this transition from personal to professional social media SO.MUCH.EASIER. I cannot recommend Cate or Sane Social Media enough. Her professionalism is second to none and her ability to teach even those who have no idea about social media is incredible. THANK YOU CATE!!!! #appreciateyou 🥰

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to Course and outline

  2. 2
    • The Amazon Technique

    • The Amazon Technique: Demonstration

    • The Amazon Technique: Demo

  3. 3
    • Content Creation Made Easy

  4. 4
    • How often to post